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There used to be a commercial, "When EF Hutton speaks, you listen." We had a similar experience with Tony Wilkins, the Managing Director of BNY Mellon and Membership Chair of the Hyde Park Angels.  

After the South Side Pitch competition, Mr. Wilkins pulled Kimberly to the side and gave her valuable insight into our website.  "Your vision is clear, your goal is admirable but your website needs to tell the story in a way in which it will be heard." He is absolutely right, our existing site currently does not.  

So, we made the bold decision to delay our new release.  We are taking the extra time to better tell the story.  Our new site will be live on January 15 2015.  If you enter your email address in the box below, we will shoot you an email once the new site's live.  Feel free to browse our existing site.


To reach us prior to January 15, 2015:

Call us at (773) 249-4400